Well we thought we’d start a blog for people to keep up with us if they wanted. Plus I’m not working right now (still looking for a job) and this will give me something to do. 😉  Sometimes when we’re talking with family and friends we forget who we told what. 🙂 But we love hearing from each of you and definitely miss everyone. We’ve been in Denison for just over two months now…. the last couple of months have just flown by and we’re really enjoying our new home. The church has welcomed us with opens arms and have made us feel like a part of the family. They’re the sweetest group of people and we feel extremely blessed to be here and serve with them. Zach jumped into work right away and is loving it. He gets to make his own schedule for the most part and has Friday and Saturdays off since he works Sundays. We love getting to spend Fridays and Saturdays together plus Sunday afternoons so it’s like an extended weekend every week.  🙂 We’re using the “weekends” to explore the area. Neither of us have ever really been in this part of the state since we just always stayed in the middle around Ames. 🙂

One thing we love about Denison is how friendly everyone is. One of the first weeks we were at Burger King and walked past someone and they said hi. I thought they were talking to someone else but they were definitely talking to me. I felt terrible after I realized they were talking to me and I didn’t say anything back. People say hi everywhere you go. That is such a change from Ames where everyone pretty much ignores each other. haha. So needless to say I’m trying to be more aware of my surroundings. I’m slowly adjusting to the lack of shopping around here and getting creative on planning ahead etc to get what we need. I will say it’s helped our budget that we have so few shopping options. haha 😉

Like I said earlier in the post, I’m still looking for a job. The options for a job for me are pretty slim which we weren’t anticipating. It’s been a big adjustment for me to go from working 40 hours a week and doing house stuff to being home all the time.  Some days Zach comes home and asks me what I did and I can’t even remember. I’ve had some tears over being bored, missing Ames and wondering what God has for me but I know he’s got something planned for this time….I just haven’t figured it out yet. 🙂 But I’ve been trying to workout consistently, trying lots of new recipes for dinner (Pinterest is awesome!), exploring the area,getting to know ladies in the church,  figuring out ways to save money and find sweet bargains and of course keeping up with friends and family. It’s a new adventure forsure!